BoardThe Alberta Force Free Alliance is run by a team of people committed to improving the lives of pets and their people through force free handling and training methods. Board members volunteer their time at events around the province and are dedicated to bringing force-free methods to all corners of Alberta


Kiara Skye - Dog Trainer


Kiara received her first dog, Meeko, on her 13th birthday, and from then on knew she was going to be a dog trainer. Receiving her certification in the year 2010, she continues her education through attending seminars, online courses, reading books, and is currently obtaining a BA in Psychology. Committed to the humane treatment of all beings, Dawgz Mobile employs force-free, scientifically recommended methods in Red Deer, AB.


Bob discovered upon adopting his fearful, reactive dog Ryder that caring for a reactive dog can be difficult, but made easier with support from the right people. After attending a seminar, the methods used inspired a complete 180, and he has wholeheartedly adopted the use of force free methods… and a couple more dogs. Bob is currently attending the Karen Pryor Academy and runs Bull Dog Bob’s Dog Services in Airdrie, Alberta.

Andrea Goldsmith


A long-time love of watching animals enthusiastically enjoy life brought Andrea to the world of force-free training. Her work fostering for a rescue introduced her to a range of high-needs dogs that flourished under a gentle touch, and her passion for positive training was born. Today Andrea competes in agility with her rescue dogs, helps them overcome the challenges they face, and continues to work with trainers to broaden her knowledge and skills.

Dana Horniak - Board Member


For many years, Dana followed the guidance of the correction-based trainers she took her dogs to. After stumbling upon a force-free training class, she was intrigued by her dog’s positive behaviour change and newfound enthusiasm during training. Since that first class, she’s continued to learn and help educate other pet owners. Dana is proud to be part of the Alliance and hopes that it will help people to make informed and positive choices for their dogs.

Chasity Simon - Dog Trainer


Dogs have always been a central part of Chasity’s life and propelled her into the rescue and training world. During her work in rescue, she met an outstanding behaviour consultant and started a two-year apprenticeship program. She quickly became hooked on the science of cognitive learning theory and impressed with how quickly her dogs learned using it. Chasity offers behaviour and training services to Edmonton and area through Redefining Rover.

Jennifer Bauer - Dog Trainer


Jennifer began her training career at the Edmonton Humane Society after her passion for dogs collided with her deep interest in psychology and education. She was lucky to be introduced to force-free training at the beginning of her career, and takes a special interest in helping frustrated people develop the skills they need to communicate with their pets effectively and humanely. Jennifer operates Good Boy Dog Training in Edmonton and area.

Melissa Polnik - Dog Trainer


Melissa started her training career using the popular aversive techniques she saw being used around her. Now, she considers the mistakes she made to be a learning experience, and uses them as motivation to continue her education in animal behaviour. She is very passionate about the force free movement and getting the best education possible in the field. Melissa helps dogs in central Alberta through her training business Method Matters.